(Verzeihung Ihr lieben Schwaben und anderen Besucher, heute muss es auf Englisch sein!)

God I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found my home in Ludwigsburg. How come, all of a sudden? Well, just before Christmas, the Towers Irish Pub opened its doors in a corner of the market square. J. and I discovered it about a fortnight ago.

We spent our first visit in the pews, feeling like ancient landlords enjoying to be feared and admired in their rightful seats that had been theirs for centuries. The pews? Yes, Chris actually went and bought the historical wooden interior of a whole church in Folkestone, and brought it to Germany. So you find oak woodwork dating from around 1878 and stained-glass windows. All this helps to make his pub a special place to have one’s after-work drink.

The best thing, however, is what is perfectly expressed in the Towers‘ motto: „… where you will be a stranger only once.“ This is actually true. There is an opportunity on Mondays, for instance, to improve your English and meet new people between 7 and 8 p.m. This works on most other nights, too, since the pub draws very interesting guests (the nicest people from Ludwigsburg, it seems to me!) whom you actually do get to meet. Even if it’s very quiet, you can have a chat with Chris and his crew, nibble salt and vinegar crisps and feel … completely at home.

From now on, you will probably meet me there every Monday, and on some of the other nights as well. Slàinte!