Ages ago, I told you about the Minolta Forum Project “Die reisende Kamera” (the travelling camera). It’s been a while, I think it was in 2005. It took a while, too, until the Minolta XG9 had finished her pilgrimage – I think this was in 2008. Yet, I never noticed, so I couldn’t tell you. Well, to tie up this loose end: Here’s the result:

My contribution to the 'heimat' topic

Everyone who took hold of the camera was asked to shoot 1 (one) photo on the topic of home or heimat. A fascinating, very varied film has come out of this. You can look at the images in the  Minolta-Forum Gallery. Among the comments to each photograph, you’ll find a link to the explanation why this person took this particular picture – mine is here.

Unter den Kommentaren zu jedem Bild findet sich jeweils der Link zu dem erläuternden Text, den jeder der Fotografen zu seinem Bild geschrieben hat – so auch meiner.