Moved Schauplatz to New Database

I’ve done it at last! For some time now I had problems with the new link and category system in WordPress, for instance, I could not use the link and blogroll service any longer. Now I moved this blog to a new database and a new directory on the server. Luckily, all went well. I’m so relieved that I don’t have to carry around the old bad habits of the database any longer. Since yesterday, Schauplatz runs on the most recent version of WordPress, 2.51 (and I quite like it, too).

Feedburner Service Discontinued

I took the opportunity, too, to delete my feeds from the Feedburner service. I’ve always been glad to use it but I stopped because of two reasons:

  1. Feedburner has been acquired by Google a few months ago, and this giant already knows too much about me. One shouldn’t trust them with too much.
  2. My bilingual posts are presented by Feedburner as a double feed, that is it looks like this: german german text bla bla /german english english text bla blaenglish‘. The post thus becomes twice as long. If it contains photos as well, it becomes a bit tedious because the feed results in an unnecessary amount of traffic.

Feedburner is so good as to offer a 30 days redirect to the original feed adresse. Ideally, you shouldn’t notice anything if you’ve subscribed to the Schaupatz feed. If there should be anything wrong, though, please get in touch, I will fix it as soon as possible.

Why the feed is now shown in excerpts only, I’m not sure, I’ll try to find out. With other feeds I’m subscribed to, I don’t like it if I can’t read them completely in my feed reader.

Keen Eye Probably Merged with Schauplatz

Sooner or later, I will give up my English blog Keen Eye, though. It’s too much for me to manage two different blogs in my spare time. I will try to cater for my English-speaking visitors on Schauplatz itself, even it’s a bit of a compromise. I find it okay to translate the most important articles to make Schauplatz more or less bilingual. Or maybe Keen Eye will just use the English language feed of Schauplatz, how about that?

Should you need any more of my blog in English, oh my English-speaking visitors, please get in touch. I know it can be difficult if you can’t even read the menu or the forms properly.