It really exists: a memorial for those 2000 jews from Wurttemberg and Stuttgart who, between 1941 and 1945, were deported from the railway station Stuttgart North to several concentration camps (Riga, Auschwitz, Theresienstadt). When did someone first think to ask after them? In 2004. When was the memorial opened: 2006.

On a photo walk around the Stuttgart ‘Wagenhallen’, I recently discovered this hidden, quiet, memorable place.

Gedenkstätte: Informationstafeln und Orginal-Prellböcke
The original train buffers, with showcases behind

Gedenkstätte: Besucherin betrachtet Namensmauer
Visitor looking at the names of the deportees.
She is refleted in the showcase showing the names of those who were murdered.

Gedenkstätte: Namen der Deportierten und Ermordeten
The names of the deported.
The showcase reflects one of the original buffers.

What moved me most were the long rows of people with identical surnames. Everyone knows that whole families were wiped out. If you see the names of real people in front of you, though, the insanity of those murders becomes particularly depressing.

You will find more information about this place of late remembrance and more photographs of its layout in the Wikipedia and on the homepage of the memorial