Zenfolio is a great service for presenting your portfolio on the web. After initially, they couldn’t quite keep up with their own high standards, now they are continually rolling out improvements. And the demands for high quality presentations on the web are increasing all the time.

With Zenfolio, you are now quite free in the presentation of your site, you can present it under your own domain, integrate it into your website, add music to your galeries and even sell your photos from it. I also like the direct uploading feature from lightroom or aperture which just makes life so much easier for the photographer. And then there is the embeddable slideshow that can be configured in various ways – here’s an example with my (as yet out-of-cam) New York photos:

At the moment through July 30th, every user who registered through a recommendation like this, will get a bonus of 10 $ (instead of the usual 5 $) for a paid account. If you would like to profit from it, please use this link or enter this referral code in your registration form: PEN-F89-XSZ. You can test all features for two weeks before choosing a paid account.

EDIT: Zenfolio  just upped their own offer since there’s a new release imminent: with the Code 30ZEN, you get 30 % off paid membership!