Discovery in New York: Igor Svibilsky

Nov 09

On tidying up my desk, I found the businesscard of Igor Svibilsky whom we had discovered during our travel to New York City in May. The Ukrainian photographer has lived in the state of New Jersey since 1998. We discovered his series ‘Ancient Forest’ in the Soho Photo Gallery in Manhattan. Luckily, we were also able to chat with the artist himself, who happened to be present on this quiet Sunday.

I’m fascinated by his series not only because of its technical perfection, its richness in detail – the mysterious, suggestive force of the prints really caught me. The images on his website do not do justice to seeing the actual prints, however. I recommend visiting one of his exhibitions. Here’s an image from that series to give you a first impression:

"Ancient Oaks VI" by Igor Svibilsky

"Ancient Oaks VI" by Igor Svibilsky

You will find more examples from his work on these two websites: and